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Other support services for mechanical carpentry and engineering

Dimensional Control

The dimensional control is used to evaluate the correctnes and the conformity of the dimensions of an object in relation to the drawing and to the tollerances defined by the manufacturing procedure.

PMI Analysis

PMI analysis, Positive Material Identification, is used to evaluate the percentage of alloying elements present within metals. In this way it is possible to identify the material under examination.

Hardness Test

The hardness of a material is generally defined as the resistance it opposes to the penetration of another body (of greater hardness and defined geometry) to which a certain load is slowly applied in the direction perpendicular to the surface to be examined.

We are equipped with a portable durometer based on the Ultrasonic Impedance of Contact (UCI) method:
there is a probe with a Vickers intendor at the lower end of it. With ultrasound stimulation, an oscillation is created at a certain frequency. The probe pressed and kept in contact with the material causes an increase in the resonant frequency. This change is then attributed to the corresponding Vickers hardness.

This type of test is fast, reliable and flexible.


Project management can be somewhat complicated nowadays. Production processes and supply chains are increasingly complex, especially if carried out at an international level, all inserted in a delicate and competitive market. The delay of a supply or poor construction quality deliveries can increase the costs of the project resulting in customer dissatisfaction and loss of company reputation.

The objective of the Expediting activity – order progress monitoring – is to monitor the supplier’s production process, with the aim of enforcing delivery times, verifying its quality and compliance in relation to the specifications and requirements of the customer. Generally, reports are produced regarding the progress of the order. In this way, the expediter ensures that the requested products arrive on time and on the requested sites with the expected quality content.
The expediting can be divided in several levels:
Production monitoring: the expediter verifies the quality of the production process with respect to the standards (qualitative, mandatory, environmental …) of the country of destination of the product;
Qualitative Monitoring: analysis of the functioning of the components according to the project specifications;
Project Management: l’ expediter monitora puntualmente le scadenze dei sottoprocessi al fine di rispettare i termini di consegna temporali del progetto complessivo.
Project Management: the expediter punctually monitors the deadlines of the sub-processes to respect the deadlines of the overall project.

Testing and Maintenance of PSV valves

In Italy and Europe, the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) forces and regulates the use of pressure release (PSV) on a pressure vessel, such as a boiler. These valves allow you to increase the safety level of a thermo-hydraulic system, since they perform the function of pressure limiter and guarantee the structural integrity of the system.
For this reason, the safety valves must be periodically checked to ensure that they are working as specified.